Community Learning and Dialogue Program (CLD)

One of the main goals of the Main Line Muslim Society is to strengthen the Muslim community by empowering women through leadership opportunities and accessibility of Islamic scholarship. To this end, we are working to create different programs to put this into action.

The program is currently focused around the Jumu’ah gathering. We believe community learning and dialogue is an important addition to the Friday Khutba, which is open to both men and women scholars, as MLMS is greatly appreciative of female perspectives on Islamic knowledge and spirituality.

Our former speakers include a wide range of academics, activists, counselors, and scholars. We invite all members of our community to reach out to us with their suggestions of a topic, a speaker, or to volunteer themselves to share their knowledge with the community. We envision this program being divided into prayer, lecture time, and a Q&A session that will engage all community members and enrich our collective learning.

Virtually Muslim Program

Main Line Muslim Society (MLMS) is pleased to launch the Virtually Muslim Program which seeks to gather Muslim children, youth, and young adults through three separate groups to learn how the core tenants of Islam are applicable to their personal lives and the world around them. The Virtual Muslim Program balances the instruction of Quranic core beliefs (unicity (tawḥīd), love, justice, mercy, charity, service, gratitude, humility, etc.) with cultivating a strong individual and collective identity as American-Muslims. The emphasis of each class is providing a safe and open space where participants can discuss these topics freely and critically, appropriate to the different age groups, through interactive engagement and not just lecturing from a book.

The primary goal of the Program is to develop our children's relationship to Allah, the Creator, and from that central understanding, foster a proud Muslim identity that is grounded in both Islam and a sense of civic responsibility as American citizens. The Virtually Muslim Program offers a stimulating forum where our children can discuss the challenges of being Muslim, in whatever form this may take, as well as provide an opportunity to meet other Muslims of the same age. The Program is based on being open, respectful, and inviting to a wide array of diverse Muslims who may be at different stages of development, and who come from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

There are three separate levels available:

Virtually Elementary (Ages: 6-9)

Virtually Tween (Ages: 10-13)

Virtually Teen (Ages: 14-18)

Preschool Story Time and Craft

Main Line Muslim Society (MLMS) is pleased to launch the Preschool Story time and Craft program which seeks to gather 3-5 year old children in order to teach them about Islam and every day holidays through books and crafts. With the financial hardships, especially brought by COVID, we decided that it was more important to offer this important educational service to the community to reach as many of our youth and children as possible. If this means offering these programs for free, it is well worth it! For those of you who are able and would like to support the Virtually Muslim Program and/or the Children's Story Time Program, we would appreciate a donation. This will help support our wonderful teachers for their invaluable service.

We are grateful for any amount that you can donate. We would suggest, if possible, $15 per child for the Children's Story Time Program, but any amount is welcome. You can make your donation here: For all donations, regardless of Program, please click the "Donate" button next to "MLMS Virtually Muslim Education Program." If you want to make a monthly donation or one-time lump sum, you are able to do so by entering any amount at the PayPal widget. FOR THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION, please disregard the "Monthly donation" noted at the PayPal widget. Your donation will act as a final payment for the remainder of the Program (March to June).

We thank all of you for your support and generosity.

Community Fun Night & Potluck

Main Line Muslim Society (MLMS) is pleased to launch a monthly potluck for the Main Line Muslim community. The goal of this event is to bring families and friends together in order to develop new and long lasting friendships and to promote community well-being. Various small talks, reflections, or fun activities will take place during the time. For more details on timing and to sign up click below.

Personal Enrichment

Main Line Muslim Society (MLMS) aims to provide programming centered around improving our day to day lives by learning about subjects that are critical to our every day interaction with the broader world. The topics of the programming include health care updates, fitness trends, basic political understanding, depression, and more.

Zakat Program

Main Line Muslim Society (MLMS) works closely with local, Zakat-eligible programs and non-profits to distribute your Zakat to those who need and deserve it. For more details email us: You can click link below or mail us a check at:

101 Mountain Lauren Lane
Malvern PA 19355